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This Is Me: Mental Health Representation Project


Increasing Mental Health representation through all forms of creative expression.

This exciting new project uses art, poetry and story to represent the real mental health issues we deal with everyday.

From clinical diagnosis to just those ups and downs everyone faces.

This is your place to show the world who you are and help break the stigma of mental health.

Two Submission Options:

Creative Expression: Art, Poetry or other creative forms of expression accepted.

  • Please include the piece you wish to submit along with an explanation of the way it expresses your mental health.

Interview Q&A: Tell us about you mental health and what you wish people understood about your disorder.

  • Pick 3-5 questions to answer:
    1. Tell us about your Mental Health disorder (educate the audience)
    2. Do you have symptoms? What are they?
    3. How does your mental health impact your life
    4. How did you first know there was a problem?
    5. How were you diagnosed
    6. What was your reaction to learning you have a mental health issue
    7. How have you learned to cope with your disorder
    8. Talk about the impact mental health stigma has on you.
    9. Advice for others with same disorder.
    10. What do you wish people understood about your mental health Disorder
    11. If part of a marginalized group* Do you feel your identity creates any barriers in seeking help, managing mental health or increasing stigma?
    12. Relevant stories about life with is like for you

Not sure your creative expression is accepted? Have questions about the interview questions? Feel free to contact me and I am happy to discus options!

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This Is Me Past Project Participants

    Mental Health Education

    Submissions currently open for topics related to populations underrepresented in Mental Health or with unique perspectives.

    • LGBTQ
    • Men
    • People of Color
    • Holistic approaches
    • Parenthood

    Note sure if you have a topic that fits? Feel free to contact me and we can discus you ideas!

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    Mental Health Education

    To Submit

    All Submissions must include

    • The body of work
    • Any photos you wish to include
    • Links to social media accounts and website
    • An author bio
    • A description of your work *For art and poetry pieces only*
    • Make sure to let me know how you heard about #ThisIsMeMH so I can give you the proper social media shout out!


    Please note that if you wish to include direct links to paid content (books or services) there will be a $25 advertising fee.

    All submissions are subject to approval. Inappropriate material will be rejected and could result in a ban.

    This Is Me pieces will be posted every other week in the order in which they are received. Alterations in this schedule may be made to accommodate topic focused guest posts or at at the discretion of Serene Life Consulting.

    Guests are allowed to post thier submissions to personal websites but are asked to provide a link back to Serene Life Consulting with an acknowledgement of content host.

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