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May Topic:

Mental Health Awareness Month

Psi Monthly Sunday May 3rd
5pm PST on Twitch

Psi Weekly Tuesday May 12th, 18th and 25th
6pm PST on Twitch

Psi-Streams is a Twitch based show devoted to mental health education and advocacy. This stream is designed to provide easy to understand information that everyone can benefit from. You don’t need to be a PhD or therapists to learn about mental health.

Psi Streams on Twitch:

Psi Weekly: Topics change monthly and cover mental health education (Every Tuesday at 6pm PST)

Psi Monthly: Specialized topics covering current events, interviews and Sunday Self-care. (First Sunday of the month 6pm PST)

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Full monthly topics uploaded at the end of each month.

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April 2020: Building Self Esteem

April 2020: Maslow’s Hierarchy of Need, why do good people do bad things?