This Is Me Project: I See Things Clearer Now (Poem)

Guest Poem: I See Things Clearer Now by Martin Dix
Hosted by Serene Life Consulting

I See Things Clearer Now 

I’m sitting down,
my legs crossed on the grass.
I’m oblivious
to everything around me.
One eye is half open,
just to make sure
I don’t leave reality for good.
The other eye lets me drift away.

The noises dwell down
to almost silence.
The Earth moves from underneath me and I am swept away.
I feel the full power
of what I take for granted.
Above the clouds,
I look down below.
I see myself falling victim
to another wave of complications.

Up here in the sky,
gives me new perspective.
I shake off all the details
of another day.
I reach down
and pull myself out from the clouds,
It’s time to go home.

I See Things Clearer Now

About the Poem

I have been through a phase of writing poems from different points of view. I remember going to a favourite place of mine to write. Not too far away from my house there is a lovely spot that overlooks a beautiful view. It’s always quiet and the poetry usually flows. I think this poem is open to interpretation. The feeling I get is that I’m looking down on myself, maybe not liking what I see. But I’m grateful for the opportunity to make amends. 

About of I See Things Clearer Now 

I’m a new dad living in Northamptonshire, UK with my partner and son. I work for an optical group for a living and I’m also a secretary for a charity that visits the housebound. I’ve been writing for around twenty years. I’ve always found that writing helps my mental health. 

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16 thoughts on “This Is Me Project: I See Things Clearer Now (Poem)

  1. This is a great idea to have a guest poem! It is great to see other people’s perspectives as they look at the world in a different perspective. I was definitely in that self-care moment with the author.

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