COVID Guilt…It’s a Real Thing

I feel guilt: guilt for the fear I've brought to those I've been around and guilt for all the work I left behind so last minute. I feel ashamed and disgusted that I caught CoVid.

This Is Me: Where is the Star of my Soul? (Poem)

There isn’t always a trigger or cause to depression, but it does make us crawl away from the world into ourselves.

Making Resolutions That Last Past March

2021 is Here! And with it comes a renewed motivation to make a change to our live. The problem is making those changes stick.

Guest Post: 4 Tips for Managing Holiday Binge Eating

4 Tips for Managing Holiday Binge Eating We’re quickly approaching the holiday season after a difficult 2020. While we all undoubtedly deserve the chance to sit back, relax, and enjoy some time off, the holiday period can be very difficult for people who struggle with binge eating. Whether it’s your nosey aunt who comments on [...]

This Is Me: Of Feminine Touch, Of Masculine Sight (Poem)

Of Feminine Touch, Of Masculine Sight. A Poem By Dante Rocío (AKA Julia Tadych)

How to Be a Mental Health Ally

Being a mental health ally requires kindness, patience, and humility.

This Is Me: Thunder Booms (Poem)

This Is Me: Mental Health Representation Project -Thunder Booms A poem by I.F.

Chronic Illness: Trauma and Medical Testing

The code of a Doctor is to do no harm. Yet, for trauma patients, they may be unprepared for how to do that.

Guest Post: Men’s Body Image

Be happy in your skin, accept your flaws, become the king of the house and a positive role model to society.

Chronic Illness: Medical History

Can you imagine being 7 or 8 and thinking you had cancer? Knowing your body is not well?… Yet I never saw a doctor.

This Is Me Project: I See Things Clearer Now (Poem)

Guest Poem: I See Things Clearer Now by Martin Dix Hosted by Serene Life Consulting

Chronic Illness: My Symptoms Story

The more I tried to ignore these symptoms the more they started to creep into my life.

This is Me Project: Bruce Black’s Autism Story

"I guess for some people it would mean a lifestyle change, but your worth and the love others have for you and the love you have yourself doesn’t need to be any different."

Building Self Esteem

Building Self Esteem: Tips to Help You Feel Better About Who You Are

Guest Post: Coping Strategies for Self-Harm

Anitha Sara D’souza is a mental health nurse. Her blog "Nursing with Anitha", shares the latest trends in mental health, nursing, leadership and issues related with mental health.

This Is Me Project: Self Acceptance (Poem)

Do you have an experience with mental health you want to share? Contact me today!

Guest Post: Single Parenthood – Tips for Your Well Being

Over the past twenty plus years my two daughters have been my greatest achievement; they have left me with very little money and no husband.

This Is Me Project: OCD and Me (Poem)

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is often confused with being really organized and clean. This is entirely untrue!

Guest Post: I Attempted Suicide…

Guest blog raising suicide awareness though personal testament.

Poetry Blog Edition: The Friend I Left Behind

With this chapter of my life closed I was left, alone, trying to make sense of a situation that should never have been allowed to happen.

Poetry Blog Edition: Saying Goodbye

On the outside I was saying goodbye to my home, my school and my friends but in my heart I was saying goodbye to the life I wanted and the hope that it would be better then it was.

Guest Post: Anorexia Nervosa

The list of things Anorexia Nervosa has taken from me not only as an adult, but also as a child, seems endless.

Poetry Blog Edition: Alone

This was the moment of my Surrender

Through the Eyes of A Child: Poetry Blog Introduction

This poem is the breaking heart of a child losing her childhood.

Home Bound: Tips for Quarantine Life and the Out of School Kid

Building a Schedule for Quarantine Life and Vacationing Kids!

Guest Post: How to deal with Borderline Personality Disorder? A Straightforward Approach.

Guest Post: How to deal with Borderline Personality Disorder? A Straightforward Approach.

The Silent Triggers of Seasonal Trauma

They say time heals all wounds. Unfortunately time also has a way of opening the deepest ones back up.

Trauma Survivor: Managing a Loss of Control

With life being dictated by things I couldn’t control, I instead clung to the things I could.