Diary of a Trauma Survivor

Welcome to my journey and enjoy…
This is a diary of a trauma survivor.

To my readers,

The Diary of a Trauma Survivor is dedicated to the adult survivors of childhood abuse. The ones struggling every day to make sense of what they went through. The children who never had a voice, hurt by the ones who should have loved and protected them the most. Although no two stories will be the same, my hope is that my story can find a way to shed light on these dark truths and raise awareness of what those who have experienced this type of trauma may go through. I ask that if you like what I have to say that you take the time to share this blog with others. You never know what someone might be going through.

Hannah Siller

When I first entered the world of writing I did so with little expectations. It was simple, write some educational guides on mental health and feel like I am making at least a little contribution to the world. The feedback I gained was positive, but as I started getting involved with other mental health educational projects, namely Psi Streams, I found it difficult to get excited about writing how-to and informational only guides. I wanted my writing to reflect me and be something a bit more raw and real.

I have always known my life has been unique, even inspirational. I have spoken about my life in schools, conferences, and even corporate events. I have been told my story would make a good movie and book and I been praised for my adversity. I have never feared to share my story in this capacity because oftentimes the focus revolves around the triumph rather than the tragedy. People only want to know enough of the pain to make the victory make sense. This is easy and surface, done without so much as a tear. Although I have never lied or been in any way false to an audience, the fact of the matter is there is only so much that can be covered in an hour or two presentation.

This blog will bend the rules a little. It will not always have morale or a happy ending. But that is kind of the point. For the first eighteen years of my life, I was subject to frequent abuse in various forms. In the seventeen years since then, I have lived with the repercussions of this childhood and worked to make sense of it. Identifying the grey lines and duality of my experiences and who I am because of them. From infertility and poverty to various medical issues and mental health, my life has been far from easy. Add a long-lost sister for good measure and we are now far from normal. Welcome to my journey and enjoy…

This is a diary of a trauma survivor.

* I have worked hard to heal from my past through professional therapy and personal growth. Over the years I have become comfortable enough to start using this story in public speaking events and as a major part of my writing. Writing about personal trauma can be very triggering and is not recommended for those still working through trauma unless instructed to do so by a mental health professional.

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    3 thoughts on “Diary of a Trauma Survivor

    1. Beautiful! ❤ You are brave and wonderful for sharing your story in such a personal way. I am sure your openness, your story, will inspire others… help those who are too scared or uncertain. Light & Love to you!


    2. Thank you so much for your willingness to tell your story. You will help countless others as well as yourself in the process.


    3. You are so brave, so thank you for willing to share your story. Your story will help lots of people who are too scared to voice out because of what society might think. Can’t wait for the next post


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