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In this introduction video learn a little about me, who I am, what my goals are and what to expect in the future!

The latest videos from Psi Streams and Serene Life Consulting

Video: Psi Stream Interview Appearance “Doctor Who are You”

Aired: July 28, 2019

Subject: Answering questions about why we do what we do and who our favorite gaming characters with Professor Shayne

Video: Psi Stream – Mental Health Stigma and Support

Aired: July 7, 2019

Subject: Viewers most requested topic covering common stigmas of mental health and how we can best support those with mental health issues.

Video: Psi Stream – What You Need to Know About PTSD

Aired: June 16, 2019

Subject: We finish up PTSD awareness month by discussing the the effects of Trauma including PTSD and hypervigilance. Host’s share personal stories and give advice on supporting trauma survivors.

Video: Psi Stream – Trauma Cause and Effect

Aired: June 2, 2019

Subject: In honor of PTSD awareness month we take a look at the topic of trauma including the causes and effects if can have. Child Abuse, Military Combat, Natural disasters and issues facing first responders is discussed.

Video: Psi Stream – Self-care and Your Mental Health

Aired: May 19, 2019

Subject: To wrap up mental health awareness we discuss all the ways you can help improve your mental health. Including tips and tricks from our host’s.

Video: Psi Stream – Real Talk About Suicide Awareness

Aired: May 5, 2019

Subject: We dive deep into suicide. Prevention, statistics, at-risk population, and the perspective of those who have lost someone to suicide.

Video: Psi Stream – Mental Health and the Gaming Community

Aired: April 4, 2019

Subject: Looking back on PAX East and the gaming community including the woman in gaming!

Video: Gaming and Mental Health

Aired: March 24, 2019

Subject: Covering the benefits that gaming can have on mental health. From Dungeons and Dragons to Tetras and the usefulness of virtual reality!

Video: “Channel Introduction: A Year of Change and Awesome Things to Come”

Aired: October 7, 2019

Subject: In this introduction video learn a little about me, who I am, what my goals are and what to expect in the future!

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