This Is Me Project: OCD and Me (Poem)

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is often confused with being really organized and clean. This is entirely untrue!

A beautiful depiction of one young ladies struggle with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

OCD and Me

Same record playing again
in my head.
Trying to find the off button
but to no avail.
Seems like it’ll have to be today’s 
theme music once again.
Let out a disappointed-but-not-surprised 
Attempt to ignore deafening ache 
between my ears.
The one only I can hear.
Still can’t figure out how to turn it off,
we carry on.
Pick up a glass, water fills it,
Put it down. 
Pick it up. Put it down. 
Pick it up. 
Put it down. Stop. Move away. 
Okay now I can go. 
Exit the area.
Then a cloud out of hiding, shadows 
over my head. 
I freeze mid motion like a robot who’s 
battery just died. 
Dread fills my being.
Something doesn’t feel right. What?
“Did I repeat that enough?
Did I touch it properly?
Did I neutralize those thoughts correctly?
Did I forget something?”
Like boiling milk, the bubbles 
under the surface begin to rise.
Would I get to the 
stove in time to stop it ruining 
the hob? 
Or will my anxiety completely boil up
and blanket over onto the
A choice presents 
itself then.
Much like every move I make.
Every thing I touch. 
Every thought I think. 
To go back or not to go - 
that is the question. 
Even Willy Shakespeare 
can’t lessen the 
turmoil of this moment. 
Do I 
Don’t I 
This way 
That records still playing.
Now heavy percussions 
Cymbals crash
Drums beat down 
4 additional tracks have
been added. 
Now it’s a completely 
out of sync 
disarray of obnoxious screaming illegible chatter. 
Before I knew it
I find myself at the glass again.
“Just once” was my mantra.
We all know that
didn’t happen. 
One turns into 5. 
Then a wave poured over me. 
Down came the volume.
Somehow managed 
to only have minor spillage to the stove.
The tide pulled back 
into a dangerous but not 
critical level.
But at what cost?
The reinforcement of 
illogical behavior 
and beliefs. 
deeper into the groove of 
a nasty habit.
“But at least I feel 
safe now right?”
Momentarily. Until
the next time.
Like a contraction.
Seconds or minutes apart
and we play this game 
all over 

About the Author

OCD and Me

My name is Sabrine and I’m a 23 year old blogger and poet living in London with anorexia and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder who uses my platforms to try and raise awareness of mental health, help others through sharing my struggles and also share my poetry.




A Note From Our Host

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is often confused with being really organized and clean. This is entirely untrue!

Those with OCD have a combinations of obsessions, such as intrusive thought, and compulsions, such as repeated behavior, that can greatly impact everyday life. Those with OCD usually use a combination of medication and therapy in order to cope with this disorder. Even then everyday activities can be a challenge.

Making light of this disorder with phrases like “I’m so OCD” makes light of a serious disorder and reinforces misinformation and stereotypes. These in turn become harmful to those seeking help or looking to be understood and respected for their disorder.

Please be mindful of your language and do your part to reeducate those around you.

See more from our host Serene Life Consulting Here!

14 thoughts on “This Is Me Project: OCD and Me (Poem)

  1. This captures OCD so well, I have it and AN too and it was a bit like reading the inside of my head sometimes! Thank you for sharing x


  2. Beautiful poem that complete encapsulates the OCD experience. The anxiety is very much like boiling milk or water, starting slow with doubts that become a certainty in just minutes. Wishing Sabrine health and light on her journey to recovery from OCD 💖 From one OCD survivor to another, it can be tamed!


  3. Sabrine, your poem so beautifully illustrates your experience with OCD. For someone like me, who has never experienced OCD, your poem makes it more tangible.


  4. Wow what a beautiful depiction of OCD – I really feel it through those words. It’s such a painful MH disorder and one I’ve been diagnosed with since I was 15. It was debilitating to say the least and is so hard to live with. I have tic disorder too and it’s so similar in motion to this poem. Thank you so much for this fantastic addition!

    Keep going!

    Stay wonderful!

    Louna | Burstsofautumn


  5. It’s true (and it’s sad) that a lot of people think that being clean and organized already means they have OCD–but there’s so much more about OCD. Beautiful poem, I learned a lot more about OCD.


  6. The poem is Beautifully inscribed Sabrina! Wishing you health and love on this journey to healing from OCD. I realized a lot from this. Much love❤


  7. Wow! This is a beautiful poem. The imagery is so vivid and striking. Thank you for sharing, and I wish Sabrina well on her healthy journey!


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