Growing up I faced many trials that no child or young adult should have to face. In order to overcome this life I knew I needed to make it all mean something, I wanted to make sure it was not in vain. From this, a passion was born to help others overcome their own adversities.


Blogs and Videos: On this site, you will find content written and presented by me covering mental health topics that I am passionate about. My goal is to provide mental health education in easy to understand ways so that anyone, regardless of background knowledge, will be able to to learn and apply new skills. (See: Blogs and Videos)


Stream: I am a co-host on the web-based show “Psi-Streams”. The goal of this show is to break the stigma of mental health by offering education presented in fun and easy ways. At Psi-Streams we encourage viewers to actively engage in the conversation and are always willing to answer questions. (See: Psi Streams)

Public Speaking: My topics and geared toward providing education on mental health while providing an inspirational message to the audience. For more information please see my public speaking page. (See: Speaking and Workshops)

Workshops: My workshops are meant to be an interactive learning and growing experience for groups. For more information please see my workshop page. (See: Speaking and Workshops)

Coaching: My coaching services offer a more one on one support. My specialties include helping people better manage Stress, Grief, and life changes/crisis. For more information please see my coaching page. (See: Coaching)

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  • Bachelors of Science in Psychology
  • Master of Science in Counseling with an Emphasis in Trauma and Crisis.
  • Currently enrolled in a Doctoral Program, working towards a Doctor of Psychology (PsyD).
  • 5 years of motivational speaking experience.
  • 1-year of experience working with at-risk youth in a clinical setting.
  • 5 years of consulting experience working with college-bound youth offering career and college guidance.
  • Certifications in HIPPA and confidentiality, grief, and crisis intervention.

About Me

I am a self-proclaimed nerd, enjoying all things Disney, Harry Potter, Star Wars and superheroes. Most of my spare time is spent reading and gaming (Tabletop Role Playing Games are my life!). Other hobbies of mine include art and photography. For entertainment, I enjoy the arts, including musicals and ballet. I addition to this I am an avid sports fan. I find my diverse interests help me relate to a majority of people and are useful in making my coaching, teaching and speaking fun.

Disclaimer: Coaching is not a replacement for traditional Counseling or Therapy. If you suspect or have been diagnosed with a mental health disorder please seek treatment with a licensed mental health professional. (See: Guide to Starting Counseling for more information on coaching and counseling options)